Building a Strong & Response-able Electricity Distributor

The pandemic gave us a new awareness of how rapidly the world is changing. It has tested our technology, innovation, demand for energy and adaptability. It has also made us collectively aware of our environment, society and humanity.

Elexicon Energy is taking meaningful steps towards fulfilling its vision of empowering our communities and meeting the present needs of our customers without compromising our ability to meet the needs of future generations.

Our Strategic Commitments

Working Toward Customer Centricity

Empowering Operational Excellence

Nurturing Community Relationships

Sparking Innovation

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Working Toward Customer Centricity

Elexicon Energy is committed to providing a superior customer experience and innovative solutions to meet our customers evolving energy and information needs. Elexicon Energy works hard to earn our customers’ trust, by being open, honest, fair, respectful and keeping our promises.

We are proud of our reputation in the community. In 2020 Elexicon Energy conducted its first ever Customer Satisfaction Survey and scored 95 per cent for customer satisfaction. We wanted to ensure that the merger of our two predecessor utilities, Veridian Connections and Whitby Hydro was viewed positively by our customers. At the same time we understood that our customers were facing unprecedented circumstances and uncertainty this year. It was important for our team to not only manage our customer accounts but to make an emotional connection in a positive way with our customers.

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Working together, and while managing their own daily home life and balancing work from home, our team of knowledgeable and professional customer service representatives came through and helped over 115,108 customers in 2020. At the same time the team successfully integrated our customer information systems and began work on redesigning a new and more customer-friendly bill, engaging customers and members of our community to help us come up with the right design that was simple and easy to navigate and understand.

In 2021, we will be working hard to continue to move toward a more customer centric culture within our own organization and will also begin work on redesigning and building a new Elexicon Energy corporate website that is simple and easy to navigate with meaningful information and content for our customers and communities.

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One Culture Compass

Empowering Operational Excellence

Elexicon Energy’s goal is to continuously improve our talented people, processes, places, safety and financial sustainability.

Our success comes from the 258 employees who bring our vision, values and strategy to life. With a focus on building a highly-engaged and talented Elexicon Energy team in 2020 we brought our One Culture initiative to life defining our new Operating Principles, which serve as a guidepost for how our people work together as One Elexicon.

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Our people also showed a tremendous ability to pivot and mobilize to meet the needs of our customers in 2020. Our Technology and Innovation team responded quickly to the new requirements created by COVID-19, putting in place new technology and tools to allow us to continue to work from our homes, trucks and operations centres, while maintaining our system reliability and supporting the increased needs of our over 171,000 homes and business who depended on us to power their lives, now more than ever.

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In 2020, we achieved an Average System Availability Index of 99.98 per cent and a System Average Interruption Duration Index of 1.37 hours. In early October, Elexicon Energy launched a survey to customers to help build our 2021-2026 Distribution Systems Plan (DSP). Customer input and feedback will ensure Elexicon Energy is making the right investments to meet the needs of our communities at the right time. We will be releasing results of the survey and our new plan in 2021.

To keep our system running smoothly we continued to invest in proactive prevention strategies this year, that included insulator washing, tree trimming, wildlife mitigation and thermographic inspection of distribution system apparatus to identify hot spots before they result in outages.

We operate a sophisticated electricity distribution network that features intelligent monitoring systems and automated controls. At the heart of this system are a team of highly skilled engineers and operators who monitor the flow of electricity across a network of 6,704 kilometres of overhead lines and underground cables. That’s how many kilometres it takes to drive from Ajax, Ontario, where our headquarters are, to San Jose, Costa Rica! In the event that an outage can’t be restored remotely we have crews available in all of our service territories that can be dispatched quickly to investigate the cause, make repairs and restore power to the customer quickly.

Distribution System Performance


Average System Availability Index

1.37 hours

System Average Interruption Duration Index

1.014 interruptions

System Average Interruption Frequency Index

2.348 momentary interruptions

Momentary Average Interruption Frequency Index

Nurturing Community Relationships

Elexicon Energy’s success is rooted in building meaningful relationships with our shareholders and stakeholder communities.

As a municipally owned electrical local distribution company (LDC) Elexicon Energy is responsible for distributing electricity at market rates, set by the Ontario Energy Board to the community, as well as maintaining our community’s network of wires and poles. We are also responsible for making the electricity that powers our community safe for use by customers.

Our communities include Ajax, Beaverton, Belleville, Bowmanville, Brock, Cannington, Gravenhurst, Newcastle, Orono, Pickering, Port Hope, Port Perry, Sunderland and Uxbridge, Whitby, Brooklin and Ashburn.

We believe it is our responsibility to be a force for good and positive change, which is why you can find many of our executives and employees actively participating in our community by volunteering on committees, boards, not-for-profit charities and organizations. We also deliver much needed assistance through corporate sponsorships programs and our own Corporate Giving Program which provided $350,000 in funding in 2020.

COVID-19 compounded the challenges facing so many of our local organizations this year but it also strengthened our own resolve as a newly formed LDC to help our communities.

Through initiatives like our Corporate Giving Program we were able to provide $350,000 in COVID-19 specific relief to organizations such as Ajax Pickering Hospital Foundation, Feed the Need In Durham and Belleville General Hospital.

We also worked closely with our government and regulatory partners to distribute over $275,000 in support to both our residential and small business partners through the CEAP and CEAP Small Business Programs.

Sparking Innovation

The future of energy is sustainability.

Which is why, in 2020 Elexicon Energy continued to make tangible investments in building a greener and more dependable energy grid for homeowners and businesses alike. We’re preparing for a world that reaches net zero emissions by 2050 because we know electricity will play a starring role in this change. In 2020 Elexicon Energy broke new ground by developing Canada’s first residential, nested community microgrid. In addition to being connected to the local grid, the community microgrid uses energy produced by rooftop solar panels and stored in a lithium-ion battery controlled and monitored by advanced software and communications systems from Elexicon Energy’s System Control Centre. This additional source of energy will be used in the event of a blackout to maintain a reliable source of energy for the 27 homeowners but can also be fed into the grid to help residents offset their electricity costs in the future.

Real-world data gathered from the project will be used by Elexicon Energy and Ontario’s Independent System Operator to explore how this type of community can help make our electricity system cleaner, more reliable and resilient as climate change becomes an increasing force in our territories.

Did you know? Elexicon Energy operates nine electric vehicle charging units located in Ajax, Clarington and Whitby. In 2020 these carports were used 2,910 times and generated 9,986 kilowatt hours of energy.

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