Financial Performance

Elexicon Corporation had strong financial performance in 2021 and provided shareholder municipalities healthy dividends. The Corporation had a net income of $16.9 million and paid $11.4 million to shareholders for reinvestment in local communities. The Corporation continued to deliver local communities with economic benefits and made capital investments of $69.4 million.

$136 million

In economic value and benefits delivered in 2021. Value created by Elexicon Corporation is fundamentally measured in terms of financial performance and operational excellence.

In addition, the Province of Ontario and the communities we serve derive other economic benefits that, in 2021, amounted to more than $136 million.

$69.4 million

In capital expenditures in 2021. Investments in electricity distribution infrastructure to serve the needs of our growing communities.

$48.6 million

In operating expenses in 2021. Property taxes, water costs, facility costs, professional fees, local purchasing, employee compensation and benefits, etc.

$11.4 million

Dividends paid or payable to our shareholders for reinvestment in our communities.

$6.3 million

Payments to capital Providers and Government. Interest and payments in lieu of taxes.

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