Who We Are


Canada’s foremost leader in reducing utility costs and improving sustainability in the real world.


“Energy and utilities can be way better, let’s do it together”


Deliver meaningful, measurable change by helping every building, business, and city in Canada reduce their utilities consumption and costs while producing less carbon emissions.


The three H’s inform everything we do at Elexicon Group.


We tell always tell the truth to each other, our clients, and business partners, even when there’s bad news or we fell short.  If it’s not good enough, we make it right.


We are humble students.  We recognize there is always something to learn from others with diverse backgrounds and experiences and we never have it all figured out.  We are never afraid of admitting we don’t know the answer and asking for help.


We are relentless in our pursuit of progress and we are never satisfied with good enough.  We always go the extra mile for clients and if we can’t be the best at what we do, we aren’t going to do it.

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