Where We Give

At Elexicon our vision is to empower the communities we serve and help customers seize opportunities to ignite a better future.

This includes making a positive social impact on our communities and planet.

We strive to be a reflection of the diverse communities we serve which include the following areas:

  • Ajax
  • Brock
  • Gravenhurst
  • Port Hope
  • Uxbridge
  • Belleville
  • Clarington
  • Pickering
  • Scugog
  • Whitby
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In 2020 we created a lasting impact in these communities by:

  • Developing partnerships that contribute to the long term sustainability of our natural resources, stronger environmental practices and demonstrating an environment-first mindset to community planning.
  • Sponsoring not-for-profit events and providing funding through our Corporate Giving Program to organizations and projects that align with our mission and vision for the future. Funding is allocated through a formal process based on our Corporate Giving Policy, the proportion of customers within a service area and community need
  • Creating meaningful opportunities for our youth and young women in under-represented STEM fields through our bursary, scholarship and mentorship programs.

Through the careful selection of local community initiatives, our goal is to create lasting impact and long-term value in the communities that we serve.

The following summary serves as a transparent acknowledgement of our social impact in our service areas in 2020.

2020 Corporate Giving Program, By Theme

Child & Family Services $43,586 12%
Community Safety & Support $62,009 18%
Economic Development $9,100 3%
Education & Youth $16,000 5%
Environment & Sustainability $4,746 1%
Food & Food Security $21,146 6%
Health Services & Promotion $83,609 24%
Local Events $40,950 12%
Mayor Events $52,000 15%
Municipal Events & Support $16,500 5%
TOTAL $349,645 100%

Elexicon Energy’s generous donation of $20,000 to Lakeridge Health Foundation has been instrumental in equipping virtual connections programming at the Whitby Hospital. Patients and their families have been incredibly grateful for having this technology available – being able to interact virtually when in-person visits have limitations has been invaluable.

Lakeridge Health Foundation
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