Corporate Governance

Elexicon Corporation believes that good governance in business leads to great outcomes. The Corporation is governed in accordance with the Business Corporations Act (Ontario) and a Shareholders’ Agreement, and provides voluntary disclosure on its corporate governance practices. Elexicon Corporation is owned by five municipal shareholders: the Town of Whitby, the City of Pickering, the Town of Ajax, the Municipality of Clarington and the City of Belleville.

Elexicon Corporation

Independent Board Members

Jim Macpherson headshot

Jim Macpherson
C.Dir, Chair*

Macpherson & Associates Inc.

Ron Chatterton headshot

Ron Chatterton
Vice Chair

Niche Advantage Consulting Ltd.

Rachel Ingram

Rachel Ingram**

General Counsel & Secretary, McCain Foods Group Inc. at McCain Foods

Brian Mountford Photo

Brian Mountford

Independent Director

Doug Parker headshot

Doug Parker

Independent Director

Lesley Rose headshot

Lesley Rose

Senior Director, Commercial Financial Services, RBC

*Position held by Patrick McNeil, from January to March, 2022.
**Appointed on July 1, 2022.


Shareholder Board Members

headshot - Elizabeth Roy

Elizabeth Roy*

Town of Whitby

Kevin Ashe photo

Kevin Ashe**

City of Pickering

Mayor Shaun Collier

Shaun Collier

Town of Ajax

Mayor Adrian Foster

Adrian Foster

Municipality of Clarington

headshot - Neil Ellis

Neil Ellis***

City of Belleville

*Position held by former Mayor Don Mitchell, from January to November, 2022.
**Former Mayor Dave Ryan’s Designate, from January to November, 2022. Appointed to the Director position in his capacity of Mayor in November, 2022.
***Position held by former Mayor Mitch Panciuk, from January to November, 2022.

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