2022 Highlights

Elexicon Group was created in 2019 by the merger of Whitby Hydro Energy Services and Veridian Corporation to make energy better. With a legacy of service in the energy business that goes back more than a century, it’s our long history that lets us imagine the future. We are leading by adopting modern, lean and cloud-based technologies to help our business scale faster and more efficiently with more visibility, automation and integration.

This past year, we saw demand increase significantly from our clients to find smarter and more sustainable solutions to meet growing energy demand needs.

  • 1,507,000 ekWh (equivalent kilowatt hours, which converts natural gas into kWh so electricity and natural gas figures are combined)
  • 220 Metric Tons of CO2 (equivalent, equal to the annual amounts shown below)
  • 218 electric vehicle charging ports installed in 2022 with another 1,000 ready to be installed in 2023.

Equvalency Results

CO2 emissions from


passenger vehicles


litres of gasoline


tanker trucks’ worth of gasoline


homes’ energy use for one year


homes’ electricity use for one year


barrels of oil consumed


propane cylinders used for home barbeques

Additional highlights in 2022

Cold Water Resurfacing at Uxbridge Arena and Community Centre

Elexicon Group - Realice System

Elexicon Group installed Realice Cold Water Ice resurfacing at the Uxbridge Arena and Community Centre. Since the installation, there has been a 30 per cent reduction in ice plant electricity usage, along with the elimination of natural gas consumption used for heating the resurfacing water, which translates to approximately $8,000 a year in savings. In addition, the system improves the ice quality and reduces water usage. With over 3,300 indoor ice rinks in Canada, the implementation of cold water resurfacing technology presents a significant opportunity to make a substantial impact on Canada’s climate change initiatives.

Motorized Pool Cover Installation at Ajax Community Center

Elexicon Group - Ajax Pool Cover

Elexicon Group also installed its inaugural motorized pool cover at the Ajax Community Center. Since the installation, there has been a 17 per cent reduction in electricity usage and a substantial 20 per cent reduction in natural gas consumption, meaning tangible cost savings for the facility. The pool cover has also contributed to improving the air quality around the pool deck and has extended the lifespan of the pool dehumidification system, providing additional benefits beyond energy conservation. With over 1,000 indoor pools in Canada, this initiative has the potential to make a substantial contribution to the country’s overall greenhouse gas reduction targets.