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Reflecting on 2021, two words come to mind more than any others for Elexicon Group Inc. (“EGI”): Resilience and Perseverance.  The pandemic forced us to adapt our approach and our ways of doing business and we are incredibly proud of how our growing team responded and rose to the challenge.

Many of the services we provide are essential to our clients and through lockdowns and restrictions, we were still able to safely deliver and make progress on important projects.

We also owe a debt of gratitude to our amazing clients, suppliers and partners who supported us throughout the year and worked with us to launch many exciting new projects and technologies.

It can be tough as a business to find your footing in a storm, especially one as unprecedented as the pandemic, but EGI made significant strides forward in several critical areas.

We refined our market and business focus, building on strategic pillars of Partnerships, Funding, People, and Clients.

Through the growth and evolution of our EnvisionTM program, we firmly established ourselves as the market leader in helping building owners and operators in Canada reduce their energy and utility costs while improving sustainability. We introduced several new proprietary energy saving technologies to the market and have saved our clients millions in utility costs while significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

We launched an exciting Joint Venture with WYSE Metering called EVSTARTTM, a new and innovative company focused exclusively on accelerating the roll out of electrical vehicle charging infrastructure and access throughout Canada. Our goal is to be the leading provider of EV charging stations and solutions in Canada in the coming years.

We partnered with the Town of Whitby in developing a major new geothermal District Energy system that will provide zero carbon heating and cooling for an entire new development and we continue to build upon our diverse portfolio of distributed generation assets that we build, own and operate.

Last, but not least, we have added many amazing new people to our team this year that are incredibly passionate about reducing energy costs and improving sustainability, from data analysts that are starting their first job out of school, to skilled electricians and technicians, to engineers and project managers and all the supporting staff that makes it all possible.

This is what brings us joy as leaders and stewards of EGI – to bring people together to solve real problems and make a real difference.

Adversity doesn’t build character – it reveals character.  We came out of 2021 stronger than we went in, thanks to our outstanding and relentless team, the support of our incredible clients and partners who believed in us, and the support of our board and shareholders.  To coin a hockey phrase, we go into 2022 and beyond with these two words:


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